The Queensland Professional Engineering Group (QPEG) offers professional and personal development opportunities with content that is both driven and relevant. Over the previous 12 months we tested the market with a variety of different technical events in different locations around Toowoomba.


Over the coming 6 months, our focus will be to focus less on technical events and more on opportunities to engage a wider variety of professionals at each event and tailor our events to do this. This will involve some new events we haven't offered previously and adds an element of excitement to the coming 12 months at QPEG. Stay tuned for more information as the year unfolds.



The Queensland Professional Engineering Group (QPEG) provides professional development, training and networking opportunities in Toowoomba and rural areas. At QPEG we acknowledge there is a smaller offering of educational and training opportunities for professionals outside of Metropolitan areas. One of our primary goals is to remedy this gap within Toowoomba and the surrounding regions.

At QPEG, our intention is to provide a local and regional technical focus to professionals (not only in Engineering) but to the wider inter-connected industry that Engineers, Technologists and Associates must liaise and communicate with in order to achieve our goals. This ranges from designers and surveyors, town planners and architects, project managers and soil scientists to mechanics, educators, and government officials.

Our purpose is to promote excellence in the Engineering field through the sharing of best practices, resources and new innovations from Queensland, Australia and internationally.

Our technical focus not only stems from our passion for the Engineering profession, but also the knowledge that exponential improvements in technology are changing the way we all do business. There will be major changes in the way we plan, manage, design, deliver and construct infrastructure.

QPEG is managed and led by Chartered and Registered Professional Engineers of Queensland with experience in urban, regional and rural areas for both the public and private domains.



QPEG will also be continuing to release an online Magazine twice a year that is available for free download from our website. The purpose of this newsletter is to provide a snapshot of the preceding months and then summarise:

  • Our current focus & How to get involved

  • Local industry news

  • Upcoming event details

  • Current research projects and details &

  • Sponsor acknowledgement

Click below for a copy:

eMagazine - Issue 1