Infrastructure and Disruptive Technology

Toowoomba, 11 June 2021

In partnership with the University of Southern Queensland (USQ)

Allison Dickson Lecture Theatre



QPEG invites you to attend the Infrastructure and Disruptive Technology Conference. Every part of our society today revolves around technology. Many industries are going through large changes as new technologies make their way into the market. Thanks to these developments, businesses can function at a greater efficiency, with less effort, more agility, and reduced overheads more than ever before. This conference will showcase some new technologies, the process behind them and demonstrate how they relate back to practical applications such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, asset management and BIM. Technology is the way of the future and should be embraced if we are to fully realise the opportunities it has to offer.

Business Continuity / Risk

Given the past 12 months, is there really such a thing as continuity?

BIM in Construction

BIM is both exciting and necessary in future construction and asset management.

Blockchain Technology

Understood by few and used by fewer still, this technology has major market potential.

Disruptive Technology

Innovation that significantly alters how consumers, industries and/or businesses operate and interact.

Business Continuity and Risk

If the past 12 months has taught us anything, it is that continuity is not certain and we need to plan for that. We also need to understand the risks, which are vastly different for each industry. 


BIM in Construction

BIM is a field that continues to progress, but has been reasonably silent in its' developments. There have been exciting app developments over the past 12 months and State Government currently has a minimum project value at which BIM is mandatory.


Continuous improvement and regulation remains important in leading this area. Industry wide adoption will have significant positive impacts to infrastructure such as the systems and management of assets, maintenance procedures and long term improvements in clash detection. 


Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is the latest in ledger technology that is both digital, duplicated and distributed across the entire network of systems on that blockchain. One benefit of blockchain is that the distribution of data across the blockchain makes it very difficult or impossible to hack.

There are new blockchain projects coming online all the time and across many industries. One such project promotes the idea of a decentralised internet, which does not require an internet connection, only a connection to that blockchain network.

Augmented Reality

Disruptive Technology

A variety of technologies exist that are already changing the way we do business. The workplace is rapidly changing in a positive way. The difficulty is not being left behind.


Virtual reality and augmented reality are two examples that are already being implemented in exciting ways such as the retail shopping experience, social media, gaming and in construction.

Chip Probing

Paper Submissions

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