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Infrastructure and Disruptive Technology

Our 2021 Conference focused on disruptive technologies in the Infrastructure space. Hosted at USQ, this conference was an all day event that brought together speakers from a variety of backgrounds and industries to discuss variety of subjects that will impacts in the decades and centuries to come.

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Artificial Intellgence

Professor Yan Li

Receiving her PhD degree from Flinders University of South Australia, Prof Yan Li is a Professor in Computer Science and the Associate Head in the School of Sciences at USQ.

Professor Yan discussed AI market capitalisation and how projections for future decades show significant growth in the use of AI in a very large number of industries.

Resilience / Business Continuity

Billy Hedderman

Billy has worked in the military for 20 years, has significant extensive experience in leadership and management, is also an international speaker on personal resilience and author of the internationally published personal biography on recovery from quadriplegia.

Framing resilience as the terminology to cover the various stages leading up to and following an event, Billy discussed the complexities of risk, and the vastness of that space depending the industry one works in.

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The biggest take away was that in the lead up to 2020, Billy outlined many organisations were very well prepared in their organisational procedure to manage the mitigation of risk pre-event, but few were suitably trained or prepared for crisis management. One of several time periods following a risk (or event) occurring, resilience was defined as the ability of a Business to continue to operate acknowledging that business as usual is less relevant when business practices need to change to accommodate the landscape you operate in.

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Smart Cities

Zoe Eather

Zoe describes herself as an unconventional engineer, a millennial and a Churchill Fellow with a speciality and passion for Smart Communities and Smart Regions. Zoe knows that to create the communities of the future, we must use smart ways of thinking and use technology intentionally as enablers to make the places we live more accessible, liveable and sustainable for all.

Robotics in Local Government

Development and Assessment

Aaron Robin (LCC)

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With thirteen years of international experience in the UK and Australia, Aaron graduated from Griffith University with a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Sport Management and Marketing. Aaron has extensive experience in marketing, team and project management, administration, learning and development. Aaron currently operates as the Business Operations Coordinator for Logan City Council with a background in development operations and business improvement.

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BIM Implementation

Bryan McSweeney

Having worked for the Department of Transport and Main Roads in various forms since 1972, Bryan McSweeney is currently performing the role of Digital Systems Manager (or BIM Implementation Manager). Bryan has a wealth of experience in road design including the role of Design services manager and CAD systems manager. His latest role involves the implementation of BIM for TMR in their construction and asset management operations.

The Digitisation of Trust:

Blockchain Technology

Indy Weerasinghe

With a 16-year background in the aviation industry in various role types, Indy has worked for a variety of airlines, academia and more recently as a founder of SkyChain Laboratories, which specialises in blockchain research and development in aviation.

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Since 2017, Indy has been increasingly drawn into the blockchain space which prompted his current role with SkyChain Labs and his concurrent involvement in BlockChain Australia (a national not for profit organisation that works to promote the awareness and integration of blockchain).